ATHENS Week edition 2011 – PROGRAMME

As the past two years, we organized within the EAU&3E project and in collaboration with Jean-Luc Trancart (Consultant and Professor of Water policies and technologies at the ENPC) a week of intensive courses for european students on water and sanitation services sustainability. This seminar is part of the ATHENS programme, a 1-week exchange session, held twice a year (March session and November session), by a network of European higher education institutions.

The teaching targets were the same as last year: for each country or group of countries presented, try to find out what are the main drivers of sustainability among the 4 following dimensions:

  • long term asset renewal and maintenance
  • environmental and health concerns
  • consumer equity and social tariff issues
  • new forms of governance needed.

The programme was slightly different as last year, as we welcomed new guest speakers. The week was planned as follow:

  • MONDAY 14th OF NOVEMBER (AgroParisTech – room B 308)

9am-12am : PRESENTATION OF THE SEMINAR and the European Commission’s position concerning public services (SGEI) and its difficult applicability in the case of water. Bernard Barraqué, Research Director at the French CNRS and professor at the ENGREF-AgroParisTech and Jean-Luc Trancart, consultant and Professor of Water policies and technologies at the ENPC.

2pm-5pm : THE NETHERLANDS and BELGIUM. Cédric Prevedello, Scientific consultant at AquaWal, the Union of the water cycle professionals of Wallonia and Erik Mostert, Professor at the Delft University of Technology.


  • TUESDAY 15th OF NOVEMBER (AgroParisTech – room B 308)

9am-12:30am : ITALY and PARIS : focus on re-municipalisation issues. Andrea Mangano, Director of International Operations for ACEA SpA Rome, Andrea Lippi, Professor of Policy analysis and Evaluation at the Faculty of Political Science Cesare Alfieri, University of Florence, and Bruno Nguyen, Head of Regulation and International Relations at Eau de Paris.

2pm-5pm : GERMANY. Arno Bäumer, assistant to the CEO of the Ruhrverband and Matthias Naumann from Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (IRS).


  • WEDNESDAY 16th OF NOVEMBER (AgroParisTech – room B 308)

9am-12am : THE UNITED KINGDOM. Jacob Tompkins, Manager Director of Waterwise UK and Mike King, Regulation Director of Bristol Water.



  •  THURSDAY 17th OF NOVEMBER (Ecole des Ponts – room P 012)

9am-12am : SPAIN. Pere Verger, Head of Projects Production for AGBAR and David Sauri, Professor at the Geography Department and Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

2pm-5pm : EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and GREECE. Jean-Patrice Poirier, Europe Development Director  for Veolia Environnement and Themistocles Lekkas, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of the Aegean and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EYDAP SA, the Athens Water Utility.


  • FRIDAY 18th OF NOVEMBER (Ecole des Ponts – room P 012)

9am-12am : FINAL ROUND TABLE. Bernard Barraqué, Jean-Luc Trancart, Francisco N. Correia, formerly Portuguese Minister for Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Antonio Massarutto, Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Udine, and Bocconi University, Milano, Nilo Nascimento, Professor of Hydrology at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) and B. Guirkinger (Suez)  (waiting for confirmation)



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