ATHENS Week 2010: students’ works

At the end of the week the twenty three (23) students who attended the intensive course had to be evaluated . Seven (7) groups have been set up according to the students’ affinities. You will find below the presentations they submitted for the evaluation (published here with their permission).

  • Group 2: Urban Water In China, by Azin Eskandari (AgroParisTech), Aurelia Sorribes de Wisms (AgroParisTech), Hai Tang (AgroParisTech) and Yujue Shen (AgroParisTech)
  • Group 3: Water management in Paris, by Alice Blouet (ENPC-ParisTech), Nolwenn Briand (AgroParisTech) and Victor Neyret (AgroParisTech)
  • Group 4: Water consumer issue, by Tomas Holub (ČVUT Prague), Alexander Link (TU München), Stefania Magnani (Politecnico de Milano) and Federica Remondi (Politecnico de Milano
  • Group 6: Greece: Water issues by Giannis Diakonikolaou (AgroParisTech), Vasiliki Katsavochristou (TU München) and Simona Švecová (ČVUT Prague)
  • Group 7: Sweden and Finland Water by Florian Almeras (ENPC-ParisTech), Marina Goupil (ENPC-ParisTech) and Lisa Krammel (TU München).

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