ATHENS Week 2009 – Presentations

From 16/11/09 to 20/11/09, Bernard Barraqué (research director at the CNRS and teacher at the ENGREF-AgroParisTech) and Jean-Luc Trancart (teacher at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) organised a course on the sustainability of european water and sanitation services. This course took place during the European ATHENS[1] Week, a training programme created in 1997 to bring together a network of 23 European higher education institutions. This year, the ATHENS week proposed more than 100 courses, and was aimed at 3500 students from all Europe.

Experts from seven European countries – United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France – gave at talk during the course co-organised by B. Barraqué and JL. Trancart. As operators – public or private – and academics, they shared with the students their experience and perception of the challenges rising for the water and sanitation services, regarding their sustainability.

If the organisation of this European week was not directly part of the EAU&3E research project, it tackled the same questions and discussions: debate on public vs private, local (municipal) vs more centralised systems, sector-based (unbundling) vs integrated-transversal services, etc. Thus it seemed pertinent to present on this blog what was said during the course.

You will find on this page the programme of this course, the presentations of all the speakers (published here with their permission), and the papers written by the students for their evaluation at the end of the course.


European Water and Sanitation Services vs Sustainable Development


Monday 16th of November:

Tuesday 17th of November:

Wednesday 18th of November:

Thursday 19th of November:



Group 1: Yuan GUAN, Maria-Eleni MITZITHRA, Ambroise PASCAL and Giulia SACCANI: Conflicts of use in Italy

Group 2: François DUCLOZ, Marc LOTTEAU, Arnauld MARROU and Andres POCH: Effectiveness of urban wastewater treatment policies in selected countries

Group 3: César BOURGEOIS, Jeanne GUILLEMINOT, Clara SHEER and Jan SYKORA: Decentralization of waste water systems

Group 4: Mathieu MOSLONKA-LEFEBVRE, Lydie POINTUD, Alexandra SILVA and Xiaozhong WANG: Water and sanitation services in Portugal

Group 5: Laura BEL FRANQUESA, Esther BLANCO GARCIA, Jean-Rémi DUPRAT and Maëlle LEPOUTRE: Water Affordability in Europe

Group 6: Anna COCHON, Sarah DOUET, Claire DELAMARE and Etienne JOSNIN: Which scale for a sustainable management of drinking water?

Group 7: Mehdi AHMADI, Jean-Baptiste ANDRE, Manuel HARMSEN and Christophe SCHELLENS: Change driven design in water and sanitation systems

Group 8: Hafsa BAKRI, Amir Abbas KARIMI, Pierre MACHER and Jing WANG: Potable Water Services in Morocco – China – Austria – Iran

[1] Advanced Technology Higher Education Network, Socrates

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